“By working with Mary, I am now able to do my daily walks in comfort, and for the first time since I was a kid, I can do extensive walking/hiking without pain and blisters!  Mary educated me on the mechanics of the foot, outlined exercises and provided tools to help me regain flexibility and stability and assisted me in selecting appropriate shoes. I’d tried many things over the years (orthotics, surgery, a variety of shoes, inserts, etc.) with little relief. Thanks to Mary, I am finally free from pain — I ENJOY walking again!” — Susan L.

“I’ve been working with Mary for 7 years and have found the sessions with her plus all her teaching, exercises (ATM’s), coaching, and information about the Feldenkrais Method very helpful in alleviating aches and pains and helping me re-pattern my body in ways for greater ease in my body. It has been invaluable in getting me to my 70’s better than ever!! I do believe the Feldenkrais exercises and sessions are extending my life and enabling me to have more mobility, strength and flexibility, less pain and constraint in my elder years that will continue to serve me through my 70’s and into my 80’s and beyond. Mary is a gem, a wealth of information about proper footwear, posture and suggestions for how to re-pattern the body in ways that keep me moving and grooving. Her advice about shoes and sox have been invaluable in resolving some long-time foot and leg issues. Her guidance about using ATM’s for certain issues in my neck, shoulders and legs continue to keep me walking, hauling firewood and moving about with ease and joy. THANK YOU MARY!!” –Therese C.

“After a big household move, I experienced pain in both feet. Quickly the pain escalated to the point that I was unable to take neighborhood walks. I was very uncomfortable during the day and sleeping badly. Mary provided targeted intervention to my feet, provided exercises I could do between sessions and recommended footwear changes. It turned out I was wearing my shoes too short. Longer shoes with a broader toe box made a difference. Mary’s hand’s on work with my feet helped me heal completely. We worked together almost 5 years ago and the pain and discomfort never returned. I take long walks nearly every day and use my feet to support my interests. Her work is revolutionary and impactful. I am forever grateful! “ — Janis A.

“Before beginning to work with Mary, my feet were stiff with a bunion and hammer toes. Through our work together I am finding more comfort and more flexibility throughout the feet and lower legs and better balance.” —Ray H. pilates instructor

“Mary’s expertise and ideas, and especially some of the exercises she showed me, have been very beneficial for myself in working through personal body challenges, and have also helped me improve how I help others by expanding my awareness of how the feet connect to the rest of the body system.” –Peggy P. Practitioner

“I did quite a lot of hiking this summer, many days hikes. Then a 5 day/ 4 night backpacking trip. Boots have been great. No blisters for the first time! Yeah! I have one pair for here, and another pair over at our cabin the Wallowa’s. So your help/evaluation has made a huge difference.  Thanks again.” –Tony R. Retired/Hiker

After breaking my hip, I had problems with balance, numbness in my feet,  and movement.   Mary came to my house for Feldenkrais sessions which really helped.  She sent me free resources to use  during the COVID lockdown and has continued to be here for me.   I’m now walking 2 to 3 miles a day and do her exercises regularly.  She’s very knowledgeable, interesting and fun to work with, too.  I’m happy to recommend her services –  Sue Schepp